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A Geek (Parent)’s Love

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

As a computer geek, I love my kids a bit differently (is it an understatement ?) than others.
I love them very much, but I’m also able to discipline them fairly when needed. My kids are all able to use computer since they’re babies :) All are able to use Linux daily :D
They love books, as I do. They don’t watch TV (I forbid one in my house), but they browse the internet under our supervision. And so on.

But what make me in awe everyday is because I happen to understand computers : I know how stupid it is. So I’m constantly amazed when my kids are able to accomplish something new. Because it made me remember that, despite the latest advances in the artificial-intelligence field, they are nowhere close to the intelligence level of my baby : self-aware & sentient. And capability to learn pretty much **anything**.
Try to top that :)

Anyway, so it was with great feeling I read this comment again and again. It moved me so much.
It was exactly my experience, but written so much more eloquently that I could ever hoped for.

I hope I’ll be successful in my duty : to raise all of my kids to be good adults. To all other geek parent’s out there, here’s one for you :

I won’t lie to you — being a parent is no laughing matter. It is a ton of work. It can be amazingly stressful and expensive. I’ve been through periods that I look back on now and wonder how the hell I managed to pull through without going completely insane.
But if you ask me, the rewards outweigh the difficulties ten to one.

When your child first looks up at your face and you see actual recognition in her eyes… when you see all the blocks fall into place as she figures out how to do something for the first time… look, I know it sounds really sappy and smarmy, but seriously (srsly) it is absolutely indescribable.
This thing started out as a bit of genetic code from two people, and now it is actually self-aware and sentient. How cool is that? What geek can’t be astonished at these emergent properties, derived from a program more complicated than you can possibly imagine — a program that has spontaneously evolved over time?

And you get to see her mental map evolve. You watch branches get added to her decision tree. You observe as she learns how to acquire information, process it, and decide how to act upon it. And all the while, you mold her view of the world based on your interactions with her. I don’t know about you, but I find that not only fascinating, but incredibly rewarding.

Before my daughter was born, I was terrified too, and (if) somebody had said these things to me, I would’ve said, “Yeah, okay, I’m sure it’s great and all, but I’m sure you’re exaggerating somewhat.” That’s because there is something that happens to you when it’s your kid. There’s some very ancient, very basic code that gets turned on in your brain that says “this life is your responsibility, and you must do everything you can to ensure its safety, survival, and growth“. I can’t explain it because I honestly believe it’s something buried deep beneath the conscious mind.

Melahirkan & Menyusui : dapatkan yang terbaik bagi Anda & bayi Anda

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Saya menemukan posting Sueng mengenai masalah di rumah sakit kita dalam hal layanan persalinan / melahirkan. Juga kasus dengan anak pertama Firman Firdaus. Cukup membuat gregetan membacanya.
Bagaimana bisa sampai ada dokter yang rela membahayakan pasien-pasiennya, yang sudah mempercayakan nyawanya kepada mereka ? Apa lulusan dokter sekarang tidak disumpah ?

Kembali ke permasalahan; bagi para ibu yang akan melahirkan, saya pribadi sangat merekomendasikan rumah sakit Budi Kemuliaan. Rumah sakit ini bersifat sosial dan melayani masyarakat, karena bentuk institusinya yang berupa perkumpulan — bukan perusahaan yang 100% bertujuan komersial.
Mungkin juga ada rumah sakit bersalin lainnya yang baik, namun saya pribadi baru tahu ini saja.

Saya & istri sangat gembira karena kami mendapatkan semua yang terbaik disana. Secara fisik, mungkin rumah sakit tersebut bukan yang paling bagus. Namun dari sisi layanan, kami belum menemukan rumah sakit lain yang bisa mengalahkannya.

Misal, soal ASI — mereka sangat mendukung istri saya untuk menyusui bayinya kapan saja. Tidak ada usaha untuk mempromosikan apapun, susu formula misalnya.

Membelok sedikit - dari blog Sueng, saya terharu menemukan link ke proses bersalin Tiara Lestari. Disitu dia mengajak kita semua untuk mempromosikan ASI dari dini, dan turut membantu menyelamatkan banyak nyawa yang tidak berdosa.

Saya juga jadi membaca proses hijrahnya. It’s among the most amazing story I’ve ever read. Pasti sepanjang proses tersebut ada banyak sekali cobaan yang dialaminya. She endured it all though, and became a much better person now. Dan manfaatnya bahkan bisa kita nikmati juga, seperti pada postingnya soal ASI tersebut.
One more enlightened voice has showed up in Indonesian blogosphere. Semoga berkah, dan anaknya kelak bisa menjadi teladan yang baik bagi masyarakat kita, amin !

Kembali ke RS Budi Kemuliaan — Mereka juga mendorong proses lahir yang alami. Beberapa rumah sakit mendorong Anda untuk melahirkan dengan operasi caesar — profit mereka lebih besar, namun Anda yang akan sengsara karenanya (recovery pasca persalinan caesar lebih lama & menyakitkan daripada persalinan normal)
Dan berbagai contoh lainnya.

Anyway, di RS Budi Kemuliaan ini mungkin juga tidak semua dokternya berkualitas yang sama bagusnya (seperti yang telah dialami oleh Firman).
Saya bisa merekomendasikan satu orang dokter disana yang bisa dipercaya dengan nyawa Anda & bayi Anda, tapi saya tidak tahu apakah ybs berkenan untuk disebutkan namanya. Jika Anda tertarik, kontak saya via japri, maka nanti saya akan kabarkan kepada Anda.

Apakah ada rumah sakit & dokter yang bisa Anda rekomendasikan untuk topik ini ? Please share them with us. Terimakasih.